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About Quae Vide Photography

To extract the eternal moment
from the passing flux.

Pierre Courthion, about Georges Seurat

Welcome to my web site. Photography is a passion for me and I take great pleasure in sharing it with the world. I hope you find some images here that interest you; if you do, you might want to subscribe to my blog.

What's There to See Here?

Figure/artistic nude photos - encompassing studio and natural settings with abstract, naturalistic and formal arrangements treating the male and female figure as an object of beauty or as simply an abstract arrangement of shapes and curves that interact with light in interesting ways.

Vintage photos - inspired by the aesthetics of photos from previous eras.

Jazz photos - jazz musicians shot during performances, the passion of their own art etched on their faces and dramatic moments of spontaneous synchrony.

Urban/street photos - candid moments of life, the geometric ambition and organic disarray of the built environment.

Nature photos - the splendour of the natural world - a fledgling effort just how, but one which I hope will grow.


Professional/amateur models - I work with men and women, experienced and novice, on a paid or unpaid (see TFP/CD Shoots, or TFP/CD Shoots for Minors) basis Many of the models I work with are keen to exercise their own creative muscles and I'm very happy to collaborate on developing ideas for shoots. For references, please see the list of models with whom I've work on my Model Mayhem profile, or ask me for their contact information.

General public - if you don't work as a model but would like me to photograph you, please get in touch! I'm looking for people whose faces are rich with life experience, for people who can lose themselves in an activity (I've always found those moments when self-consciousness is absent to be fascinating), for people with interesting hobbies (Any watch makers?) or environs. In exchange for your time, I can provide large digital files prepared for printing (at home or at a lab.), smaller digital files prepared for emailing or uploading to web sites, or (11"x14") prints on high-quality, archival papers.

As a practical matter, I live in Pacifica, California, just south of San Francisco. I do travel a bit, but mainly in California. If you want to fly me to Paris, by all means please do get in touch!

Does Your Work Appear Elsewhere?

This web site is the main place for sharing my work, but I do also post images on other web sites.

  • Libera Eva - an Italian, online arts magazine with some exceptional images.
  • The Eaton-Barics Quintet is/are using some images that I shot of them for promotion.
  • The 8 Legged Monster is also using some images for promotion.
  • Model Mayhem - a networking site for models, photographers, stylists, etc. Great place to find your feet in the industry (well, sort of) and find collaborators.
  • My Space - I maintain an account on My Space (user name "quae vide" - two words), mainly for communicating with musicians.

What Does "Quae Vide" Mean?

Pronounced "Kwai Vee-Day", it's Latin for "see which things".

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